Terra Tool

The Terra Tool is designed to work for you all year round. Whether you need to make a ditch or smooth out rough work left by larger equipment. It can smooth your gravel or move your snow.  It can move into places at angles that other blades can't match while giving operators a fine degree of control at all times. 


The Terra Tool 720's hydraulic wings and steering axle give you the control to reclaim your land. Grading, ditching, cleaning, in tight or wet conditions. The Terra Tool will get the job done.

▪ 20 foot working width

▪ 12 foot transport width

▪ Left and right side hydraulic folding wings

▪ Steerable axel turns tires up to 45 degrees

▪ Rated up to 600 HP

▪ Moves up to 18 yards of dirt

▪ Joystick for hydraulic over electric control

▪ Blade is directly fastened to draw bar for increased durability

▪ Sub inch satellite control ready

Terra Tool 720


The Terra Tool Joystick control puts the power to shape your land into your hand. The joystick creates smooth and dynamic efficiency, by removing time spend operating each valve individually.

Terra Tool Controller

Video Demo


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