New Portable Mobile Hot Water Steam Unit!

Introducing the Decker Brand Boilers Mobile Hot Water Steam Unit!

portable trailer

The unit set up with full indoor and outdoor lighting and supplies dry steam for better and safer steam cleaning. Use 4 ¾’’x100’ steam jets for steam cleaning. Hook up to any emergency heating system, open clogged or frozen culverts and sewers.  Available for lease or rent.

portable interior

Decker Brand Mobile Trailer Specifications:

  • Low steam/ low pressure hot water.
  • Does not require power engineer.
  • Self contained 1600 gallon water tank.
  • 500 gallon Diesel tank.
  • Can be used for steam cleaning or other low pressure steam requirements or hot water applications.
    Powered with a Generic, fully automated 20 kw Diesel 120/240 Generator.

portable trailer gallery

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Click here to download the mobile/hot water steam unit brochure.

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